Product offerings : “dtracks” is the messenger.

“dtracks” is the messenger between designers and customers.
We are introducing and presenting new products of “Good Design” through the our distribution channels including “Seoul Station Store”
“dtracks” always hopes for being offered newly designed products from you.

Contact : Siyoun Kim, Manager, Seoul Station Branch, Kyobo Hottracks Co.,Ltd.
TEL : 02-363-9961     E-mail : gusdkfkd20@hottracks.co.kr
Wholesale Offerings : “dtracks” is the distributor(wholesaler).

“dtracks” is the distributor(wholesaler) establishing various retail networks in Korea.
We can distribute “Good Design” products through the various retailers on behalf of designers.

Contact : Yumi Yang, New Business Plan & Strategy Team, Kyobo Hottracks Co.,Ltd.
TEL : 02-3700-6685     E-mail : toxx88@hottracks.co.kr